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For: Natal Sem

You are at the right time to better plan your visit to Russia instead, we will provide comprehensive advice for you to have an excellent experience during your stay in our beautiful country. This is how we made our tours to Moscow and St. Petersburg, trying to offer the best, most interesting and beautiful travels through the biggest cities of Russia.

We are the Russian company, which is based directly in Russia. So our brokers have a possibility to provide you a large program of reliable and safety touristic services directly from Russia.

Except general services we also can offer immediate, complimentary services you may need during your time in Moscow or St. Petersburg: hotels, restaurants, theaters, shops, products, tickets and etc.

Guided tours or tours are our specialty and are planned so that you can know more places in less time than expected, due to our policy of offering tours or excursions by car or private minibus, only for you. In this way we save a lot of time and provide comfort and security in a friendly atmosphere.

Tourism in Moscow and St. Petersburg is constantly expanding. More and more people from many countries visit Russia using our company's services and we make it easier for our customers to make real most important purpose: to see all the sights by special tours and excursions with guide and private car and also we provide the taxi service and transfer to/from the airport or train station. Hence, for your convenience, we offer a personalized taxi service to take you or your company of friends or family from the airport or train station you have booked for your stay. In this way you can be sure that will be supported by the company that is aware of your arrival in Russia.

The city of Moscow is a megacity where daily live about 16 million people, also the distances are huge, that is why the excursions by foot is not always a good idea: if you really want to know and see more in the shortest time and to avoid many endless tiredness and different chores that not everyone can stand โ€“ it will be better to make comfortable and comprehensive car trips during your stay.

We think that this kind of tourism should be a pleasant, comfortable, enlightening and educational activity, which does not make you to think about physical difficulties, connected with big distances or other moments โ€“ our company will make a particular personal tour for you.

Our prices are reasonable and very good with respect to cost-benefit.

Staff Mostur is a highly skilled and professional guides, that will make your stay in Moscow or St. Petersburg a pleasant and rich experience.

We will be happy to show you the many unique attractions of this amazing country, as the church of San Basilio, the Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Palace of Catherine the Great 's Summer Palace Perterhof, Kolomenskoye park, the Bolshoi Theatre, Hermitage museum and more places from St. Petersburg. Each of these places could tell the great and secret beliefs and stories or Russian history, culture and traditions and finally, you will learn about this enigmatic country which is filled with pleasant surprises for all those who dare and decide to come.

With our exiting tours, guide in English and taxi services you will have the greatest and most informative trip to the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg in your life.

Best regards from Russia, carefully:

Natal Sem
Administrative Manager of Mostur

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Tours and guide in Moscow

By: Natal Sem

Excursions in Moscow-Day One

1.- Meeting with your guide and driver at your hotel at 09:00

2.- Walk through the Moscow metro, with a guide in English

3.- Walking by the church of Our Lady of Kazan, with guide English

4.- Walk through Red Square in Moscow, with a guide in English

5.- Walk through the church of St. Basil the Blessed, the symbol of Russia with guide in English

6.- Stroll GUM shopping complex, which is also found in the Red Square, with a guide in English

7.- Observe the changing of the guard at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier, with a guide in English
8.- Walk in the Gardens of Alexander the foot of the Kremlin, guided in English

9.- Walking by the Kremlin in Moscow, with a guide in English

10.- tour to see the Tsar Cannon, the largest in the world, with a guide in English

11.- tour to see the Tsar bell, the largest bell in the world, with guide English

12.- Visit the square of the cathedrals

13.- tour the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Kremlin, guided in English

14.- tour of the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel in the Moscow Kremlin, guided in English

15.- Walk through Cathedral of the Dormition in the Moscow Kremlin, guided in English

16.- Walk through the main cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church, Christ the Savior, the equivalent of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican

17.- Return to hotel

Tours in Moscow-Day Two

1.- Meet your guide and driver at your hotel at 09:00

2.- Stroll Izmailovo market, here come the Russians artisans artists to sell their products, you will see all kinds of matrioshkas, Russian dolls and other no less interesting crafts

3.- Visit the Monument to the Conquerors of Space, guided in Portuguese

4.- Excursion to the Museum of Cosmonautics, with guide in Portuguese, Here, you will see spacecraft that actually flew into space; spacesuits and others

5.- tour by VDNKh Center

6.- Walk in boat on the Moskva River with guide in Portuguese, you will see Moscow from another perspective, beautiful view

7.- Return to the hotel

Tours in Moscow-Day Three

1.- Meet your guide and driver at your hotel at 09:00

2.- tour Novodevichy Monastery, declared World Heritage by UNESCO

3.- Tour of Retro-Automotive Museum here you will see historic cars such as cars Stalin and many more

4.- Tour of summer palace of Russian tsars in Kolomenskoye, a colossal construction of incomparable beauty

5.- Return to the hotel

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Tours and guide in Saint Petersburg

By: Natal Sem

Excursions in St. Petersburg-First Day

1.- Meeting with the guide at the hotel

2.- Scenic by St. Petersburg with guide in English

3.- Visit to the Fortress and the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, with a guide in English

4.- Walk of St. Isaac's Cathedral, with a guide in English

5.- Walk through the Nevsky Prospekt, with guide in English

6.- Visit to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, with a guide in English

7.- Visit the Church of San About Salvador Spilled Blood, with guide in English

8.- Boat Ride on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, with a guide in English

9.- Return to hotel

Excursions in St. Petersburg-Day Two

1.- Meeting with the guide at the hotel 09:00 or from 08:00 h, according to the location of the hotel

2.- Transport in Peterhof, with English-speaking guide

3.- Excursion to the Palace of Peterhof

4.- Walk through the park to the bottom of Peterhof, with English-speaking guide

5.- Return to saint-Petersburg, in the Boat Meteor

6.- Excursion by the famous Hermitage museum, with an English-speaking guide, the most complete museum of art of Russia -

7.- Return to the hotel

Tours in St. Petersburg-third day

1.- Meet your tour guide at the hotel lobby. visit-two summer residences of the royal family

2.- Lets start with the Catherine Palace in Pushkin-renowned example of Russian baroque. The decor of the main palace according to the tastes of the owner of the house was made โ€‹โ€‹of carved and gilded wood. A French diplomat said the architect lost a detail: "a glass box for extra protection of the Catherine Palace." Over 100 kilograms of gold were used to gild the interior, 6 tons of amber for the legendary Amber Room, a stucco facade and numerous statues placed in the ceiling. If it was said that the roof of the palace was built with pure gold. On sunny days, the golden ornaments of the palace seem sparks. An English traveler named "the most complete triumph of barbaric taste."

3.- visit the palace of the son of Catherine the Great - Paul Palace. The rooms of the Palace seem antique shops. Inside, there is a magnificent collection of watches, furniture, and other ancient sculptures, these are second in Russia, for its grandeur after the Hermitage.

Both homes are in neighboring towns to Saint Petersburg.

-Return to St. Petersburg.

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